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“Photography is the istory, the memory of our life”

Hello my Name Is Lea.

Welcome to my page.


I am a photographer.

With the photo I express how I perceive this world and my clients.

I try to capture real life and stories in the photos.


I am a blogger.

I like to write about

what I currently feel and keep a diary about it.

You can see the diary and share my life with me.

I want to inspire you with my articles.


But I am also a wife and mother.

I like to travel and meet new people.

I love my husband, my son, our dog Bibi, nature,

Sports, hiking, eating and music.

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"My goal is to create photos that are photojournalistic and unobtrusive. No exaggerated moments, uncomfortable poses or exaggerated props - just you and the whole reality of your day. Whether you're hosting a big, lavish party or we're taking photos of newborn children, or just family time, rendezvous, you can be sure that your pictures look as true to the original as your memories. "

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